Who are we ?

BESV is a French bank, specializing in giving advice and financing business clients, as well as in the provision of banking services to businesses and to private individuals.

It is a specialist in banking activities for the financing of industry, commerce, property as well as in the management of financial relations between France and the countries of Southern Europe and South America. BESV provides its clients with a global partner in its industrial and property development.

A bank that is not dauntingly large, always able to listen to its clients, the BESV exists to advise, to provide the best financing solutions and to offer the widest range of services.

We specialize in areas that include :

  • Business Relations
  • Structured Financing /LBO (Levered Buy-Out)
  • Professional Property Services

BESV is based on the international network of its shareholder, Promontoria MMB SAS, holding of the Cerberus Capital Management.

This opening out to the world and the sharing of common values are an additional asset for our clients, which makes BESV, the preferred partner for businesses in their development projects.