Our business based expertise

Structured finance/ LBOs

The structured finance experts are your contacts and partners, ready to study the financing options to provide the support you need for your plans.

It may be to finance an acquisition, for asset financing or the transfer of a majority or minority interest in a company as a leveraged buy-out (LBO); the structured finance team specialises in small and mid caps and will be able to propose solutions that are the most appropriate and innovative.

With capacity for firm underwriting, arranging and syndicating senior and mezzanine debt packages between € 7.5 million and € 30 million, we will organize and tailor the legal and financial facilities to match your requirements.

The Senior debt facility is usually in association with lines of credit :

  • Financing for working capital requirements (revolving)
  • External growth (acquisition facility)
  • Financing for capital expenditure (CAPEX facility)

BESV also acts as agent for both credits and guarantees.

Some of the last operations we arranged : Segex et Veligest / Rougnon in 2010; Findis, Primavista, Promodelices and Smart&co in 2011; Armatis and Roc Eclerc in 2012.

Structured finance is a dynamic domain of expertise that has drawn recognition, working with businesses on the organisation and financing of their plans for the future.