Our business based expertise

Professional Real Estate Services

BESV is a recognised player in the field, financing acquisitions and renovations, as well as development projects for professional real estate developers. The teams in the real estate sector operate as genuine partners from the inception of each plan, and have attained a key position in this business, leveraging their unique expertise, invaluable consulting capacity and the relationship of trust which they have established.


Financing of acquisitions and of renovations

  • Putting residential buildings back on the market, for sale either as a single entity or as sub-divided units.

Financing development ( up to two years)

  • Purchasing land
  • Obtaining permits
  • Credit facilities for building work
  • Issuing guarantees of completion
  • etc.

Syndication, for the purpose of sharing risk and cash management

The teams with BESV have access to a vast commercial base, and with their excellent levels of expertise and the full scope of the processes and issues, are in a position to develop consulting work with high added value, doing so in close association with each customer.

The strategy for action taken by BESV is thus based on this very high level of operational expertise and on the selection made, choosing targeted projects. Risk control is an essential criterion when choosing customers and projects.

This carefully selective strategy means that BESV has been able to position all its financing on projects in central Paris, Greater Paris, the Provence-Alps-Riviera region and the major cities in the French provinces, focusing on residential projects, office buildings, shopping malls, warehouses and logistic platforms.

Our teams work with a portfolio of more than 500 professional real estate dealers (property managers and developers) with a recognised track record, covering projects of all sizes.