Our approach

Private banking

The Private Banking department of BESV is there to work with each customer in a long-term perspective, setting up, expanding and optimising the portfolio in its full range of diversity. The interests of our customers are our ongoing concern and the reason for us being there.


Each customer has only one portfolio manager who remains in charge and is backed by our professional teams in specialised areas (e.g. investments, legal affairs and taxation) so that customers gain the best from their skills and advice, with proper respect for professional standards and ethics.

With Marignan Gestion, a fully owned subsidiary of Banque Espírito Santo et de la Vénétie since July 2009, the Private Banking department now has outstanding expertise plus access to recognised financial products suited to different types of customer groups and risk profiles.

The management strategy chosen is simple, designed for families and small-scale institutions, with individual attention in accordance with the type of portfolio and the requirements of each customer as their needs develop ; it is backed by a policy of transparency, providing clear, useful and instructive information on a regular basis.

This means great flexibility for each and every customer via an ergonomic and secure transaction platform.