Our business based expertise

Portfolio Management

The Private Banking department of BESV is the preferred partner for personal customers, families and institutions requiring portfolio management. Our duty is to establish a clear, balanced strategy, achieving good performance and in line with the customer’s needs.

The different teams work efficiently, combining efforts in their complementary areas of expertise to optimise your portfolio and strike the right balance between performance and security. The teams will offer to analyse your requirements and advise on products best suited to your objectives. They will provide you with regular information on the performance of your assets and on developments affecting markets and regulation, with a view to forward planning for the different stages in the life of your portfolio as it grows, achieves security and is passed on.

For portfolio management, the Private Banking department of BESV offers an extensive range of financial instruments (shares, bonds, investment funds and life insurance) plus services (e.g. for tax returns and donations). These products have been carefully selected according to strict criteria for performance and ethics and cover the full scope of portfolio management strategies from initial results to future generations.

In addition to the quality products proposed, BESV offers genuine service with ongoing assistance and advice. The bank is attentive, monitoring individual customers, following trends and changes in the environment of your portfolio and also legal or tax conditions, and not only when the account is opened but on an everyday basis over years and generations.

The bank can also put you in contact with a “Family Officer” for assistance in monitoring and consolidating your assets, proposing solutions to optimise the management of these assets.

The bank’s contacts with outside professional experts will keep you informed of opportunities for a range of investments and for targeted advice.