Our business based expertise

Mandataires de justice

BESV has a specialised department [Mandataires de Justice] working with distressed businesses and covering the legal procedures involved, both agreements negotiated out of court and in-court proceedings.

The expertise and know-how of the specialised team mean efficient and swift action is taken, analysing situations and proposing short-term solutions designed for each individual case.

The team has a range of products specifically for work on economic and legal matters.

Our experience with distressed companies and the related legal situations (e.g. legislation in France to protect companies [Loi de sauvegarde des entreprises]) means we can provide our customers with a swift, efficient response to meet their needs.

This may be, for example, negotiating an out-of-court settlement (ad hoc agreement or conciliation) or legal proceedings (receivership or court protection). Our experienced team will respond promptly, analysing the situation and the needs of the company, then taking appropriate action.

Responsiveness and availability are the key elements when finding solutions during this stage which is so critical for the company concerned.

Our work focuses on the financing of the cash conversion cycle :

  • Receivables: factoring receivables (in France or internationally) covered by invoices (Dailly Act) or commercial paper (bank discount). The company concerned will use this facility in accordance with its needs.
  • Inventory: advances against inventory will be used to finance the production cycle or guarantee cash credit.

We work in partnership with our customers, providing the different banking services required for their business, giving signed commitments (surety bonds and documentary credits).