Our approach

Mandataires de justice

BESV has a specialised department [Mandataires de Justice] working with distressed businesses and covering the legal procedures involved, both agreements negotiated out of court and in-court proceedings. The expertise and know-how of the specialised team mean efficient and swift action is taken, analysing situations and proposing short-term solutions designed for each individual case. The team has a range of products specifically for work on economic and legal matters.

BESV is a bank on a human scale, with an efficient and flexible organisational set-up. The focus is on the human beings involved, establishing a quality working relationship with teams available and easy to contact.

We respond swiftly, taking action so that business can go on as usual (opening a current account and issuing cheque books and credit/debit cards).

Our specialised teams will carry out an accurate, relevant analysis of the financing needs for the company’s cash conversion cycle.

Please contact us for further information on the complete range of products and services available, or for any other enquiries.