Your goals

For your business

BESV is always attentive to customers and offers a wide range of banking products and services designed for commercial and financial transactions, both domestic and international, plus creative financing solutions made to match requirements and customised consulting services.

In addition to the banking products and services provided, our role as consultant is a key one. The added value we offer comes from our awareness of customers, listening to them, giving advice, offering suitable and pragmatic solutions. The approach is focused on the ambition to build an ongoing customer relationship, to propose a swift response meeting your requirements, offering the benefit of our experience in our sector-based specialised areas.

BESV can provide you with support for your needs in commercial banking, helping to develop export business, financing acquisitions, arranging LBOs, finding partners, handling delisting or the transfer of your company, and more.

With BESV you will have a long-term partner, attentive to your needs, quick to respond, and ready and able to cover the full scope of your projects.