Our business based expertise

Film & Television

In May 2009, BESV set up a department dedicated to the film and television industry, providing service to all players in the industry, covering project financing and routine management.

The special features and the complexities of this constantly changing industry, led BESV to set up a team of specialists with recognised know-how.

BESV has a genuine interest in the film industry and has expertise covering the different aspects of the business. The BESV team caters to the needs of all players in the industry : producers, distributors, post-producers and exhibitors, whether established names, art movie-makers, independent studios or integrated groups.

In addition to the complete range of products and banking services designed to meet the needs of the film and TV industry, BESV can provide consulting services covering the financing of the different stages of film production and project management.

BESV is open to original ideas and creative work : it is committed to the values of entrepreneurship and is interested in having a quality working relationship, fulfilling the BESV ambition of being a genuine banking partner.