Our business based expertise

Corporate Relations

The domain of Corporate Relations is a core line of business, covering the complete scope of top-of-the-range commercial banking services for corporate customers – medium and large businesses, national and international.

We have two roles to play, one as facilitator and the other as partner in a working relationship supporting the economic development of our customers.


  • through the quality and diverse range of our solutions, together with our culture based on actively listening and discussing matters; this means that customers are given individually customised service and can choose from a full range of products and services tailored to their needs.


  • a mutual trust relationship means jointly working for the future, forward planning to anticipate the needs of the company, offering solutions that are complementary, innovative and with added value.


Financing working capital requirements and capital expenditure. This segment covers all the traditional business of bank factoring and short and medium-term financing

  • Overdrafts
  • Bank discounting
  • Bank factoring of pooled receivables [Dailly]
  • Factoring of debts receivable from abroad
  • Seasonal credits
  • Inventory financing
  • CAPEX financing (tangible & intangible assets)
  • etc.

Automation and securing of flows and of information

  • Financing & securing payments (mainly international)
  • Electronic interfaces, transmitting payment files (innovative products & services for managing, securing & optimising cash)
  • etc.

Banking services

  • Standard transactions
    • Surety bonds, endorsements and guarantees
    • Documentary credits
    • All domestic and international payment facilities
  • Trading floor : prevention of market risks, monetary investments
  • Treasury management
    • Term accounts (main currencies)
    • Certificates of deposit
  • Services for business managers
    • Account management (cheque accounts & credit cards)
    • International transactions
    • Investments
    • Cash facilities
    • Personal credit

The backing of Novo Banco offers possibilities for international cover and a broad range of products and services.

With our size and consulting experience, we have a clear competitive edge which means we can build up a climate of trust with our customers, and be swift and responsive.

Our ability to see everyday requirements of our customers and be one step ahead, makes the Banque Espírito Santo et de la Vénétie, a long-term and ongoing partner, as businesses grow.

Our customer portfolio is mainly composed of large and medium-sized businesses (with turnover between € 50 million and € 2 billion), and Banque Espírito Santo et de la Vénétie is also renowned for its specialised experience in working with family groups.

Our teams produce results and have achieved recognition; team members have different backgrounds and profiles, either with a general range of skills or with specific-sector expertises.

Our goal is to diversify our activity so that a broader range of customers can gain the benefit from our areas of expertise and consulting capacity.