Corporate Governance

BESV is a limited liability company [société anonyme] with a Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors ensures there is balanced development of banking business and endorses the values, professionalism and spirit of initiative found with all members of staff.

The Board acts as part of an approach involving close cooperation with General Management, while also fostering a spirit of true independence in the operational running of business.

The Board meets, on average, four times a year.



The Board of Directors

Alain Demarolle
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Eric Shehadeh 
Thomas de Bourayne

Management Team

Thomas Schneegans – General Manager
Marie-Christine Giron – Chief General Manager




KPMG S.A. – Christophe Coquelin
KPMG Audit FS I – Isabelle Goalec
RSM Paris – Sébastien Martineau 

Committees appointed by the Board of Directors

Compensation Committee

  • composed by three Board Members :
    • (datas to be updated).
  • the Committee makes submissions to the Board, proposing criteria for determining the level of compensation due to office-holders and sees that they are implemented.

The Audit Committee

  • composed by three Board Members
    • (datas to be updated).
  • the Committee conducts any checks it deems necessary, and specifically scrutinises the financial statements, monitors proposals for the appointment of Statutory Auditors, reviews their audit programme and appraises the suitability of internal control measures and procedures implemented in relation to business conducted and risks incurred.