Our approach

Corporate Banking

BESV, with its Corporate Banking department, is the preferred partner for companies both in everyday business and in large-scale projects.

Our approach, operating in perfect synergy with our main shareholder, Novo Banco, is to offer small and medium-sized businesses the banking facilities needed for their routine transactions and for plans for commercial and/or financial development, especially in Europe.

Our reputation has been built on our competitive differences and our banking culture, through :

  • contact
  • availability
  • responsiveness
  • creativity

BESV not only has a complete portfolio of products and services, but is also committed to ongoing, quality customer relations.

Each customer relationship is individual and solutions are tailor-made. These are the features which distinguish our teams as they work as genuine partners with business managers.

This dynamic consulting culture, combined with thorough knowledge of the issues facing entrepreneurs, means we can translate into an offer for efficient and long standing support to all our customers.